OBS Studio 19.0.2のアップデート

OBS Studio 19.0.2のアップデートがキテるね。

OBS 19.0.2

19.0.2 Hotfix Changes
Fixed a startup crash with older AMD drivers when using the 32bit version of OBS. Please update your video drivers!
Fixed a bug that caused Freetype 2 text sources to stop rendering properly on windows
Fixed an issue with NVENC not initializing properly for some people on older drivers
Fixed a tooltip that’s supposed to show when you hover over “prefer hardware encoding" in the auto-configuration wizard
19.0.1 Hotfix Changes
Fixed a bug where the auto-configuration wizard would sometimes not save settings
Fixed a bug where if you press cancel/back while connecting during a bandwidth test the program would freeze indefinitely
Fixed a bug where unintentional whitespace would not be removed from the end of the stream key, and would cause connection to fail when performing a bandwidth test with the auto-configuration wizard
Fixed an issue where the AMD encoder would no longer be usable in the 64bit version
Fixed a crash when using certain lossless RGB media files with the new media source
19.0 General Changes
Added an auto-configuration wizard to the tools menu and on first-time use, which will attempt to automatically test and configure video/encoding/streaming settings based upon your system and internet connection. This wizard is currently in beta and may be subject to change, feedback is appreciated.
Added a stats dialog to the view menu (with the option to show it on start it up in general settings). The stats dialog shows advanced statistics, such as: average frame rendering time, frames lost due to encoding/rendering/network lag, HDD space left in recording location, and how much data has been output total.
Added a “Render Delay" filter that allows delaying non-async video sources such as display capture or window capture. Note this is only meant for minor sync adjustments (e.g. syncing your screen capture to a webcam), and because the delayed frames are stored on very limited VRAM, the allowable maximum delay is 500 milliseconds (which is 250 megabytes of VRAM on a 1080p 60 FPS source)
Added the ability to copy and paste filters between sources
Added Ctrl-E as a shortcut to edit transform of sources
Added a command line option to start as always on top (–always-on-top)
Added a “shuffle" option to the VLC video source
Added the ability to copy and paste sources (with transforms) from one scene to another
Added specific error messages displayed to the user when fail to connect
Added an option to the blackmagic source that allows you to specify the channel format
Added the ability to project a source, scene, or the preview on to a resizable window in the right-click context menu when right-clicking on sources or the preview
Reworked the media source: media files set to activate when switching to a scene will now immediately start play back when you switch to their scene without requiring time to load
Reworked the media source: media files will now loop properly with no abnormalities in sound playback
Fixed a bug where scenes could be unintentionally lost under specific crash circumstances (backup files were always present, but were not being used — this is now fixed)
Fixed an issue where the blackmagic source can start up or spontaneously go out of sync
Fixed dragging and dropping text files to create a text source on non-windows systems
Fixed a bug where devices outputting NV12 (e.g. Logitech BRIO cams) would have distorted colors
Fixed a bug where frame dropping would not happen properly when using the ultrafast x264 preset
Fixed a bug from 18.0.2 where “downmix to mono" would no longer save
Fixed a potential crash under specific circumstances when OBS is set to minimize to task tray
When dragging and dropping text files to create a source, those sources will now have the same name as the text file being dropped
All dialogs should now have close buttons (useful on certain window managers such as gnome)
Filter names are now sorted when adding new filters
19.0 Windows Changes
Added an option to disable audio ducking on windows, now on by default. Prevents the system from lowering volume of programs when the mic is activated by OBS
Added HEVC recording support to the AMD encoder
Added Two-Pass and Full-Range color support to the AMD encoder
The AMD Encoder has been completely rewritten from scratch for improved stability, performance and new features. All advanced configurations will break due to this change
The cursor will now be hidden when you are alt-tabbed out of the captured game/window when using window or game capture
Fixed an issue where the device source would activate on startup even when it’s in another scene and set to deactivate when not visible
Fixed and clarified window capture prioritization. “Title" will now match any window of the exact window title, “class" will try to find a window by the title otherwise match any window of the same window type, and “exe" will match any window of the same title or if not found any window of the same program.
Fixed a crash when using QSV to encode
Fixed a bug where log files wouldn’t be created when the current windows user had unicode characters in the name
Fixed an issue with the AMD encoder which would make it difficult to seek on certain file types
(Repeating 18.0.2 in case it was missed) Fixed poor game capture performance with some DirectX 9 games on the Windows 10 “Creator’s Update" as well as some cases Windows 7
19.0 Linux Changes
Added the auto scene switcher to linux
Fixed a potential crash in the settings dialog
19.0 Mac Changes
Fixed an issue where you would not always be able to select all available fonts in the text source